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Before I even start reading Julius Caesar the first thing that strikes me, as an a member of an amateur drama group,  is the difficulty in casting it

With a cast list of 33 men and 2 women – and that doesn’t include the soldiers and citizens of Rome. – it must be a nightmare to cast. How many people do you need for an angry mob?

 I know there can be doubling up with the men, and women can be used in some of the male roles, but you are still looking at a cast of 20 men.

In our drama group and we consider ourselves healthy with men, but even we wouldn’t be able to put this play on. Not that we are thinking of it.

How big was Shakespeare’s company?

A total of 26 names are recorded as the “Principal Actors” of Shakespeare’s company at the Globe in the First Folio of the Bard’s collected plays.

Here is a list of Globe theatre actors from the First folio

Is it possible to do it with less? Does anyone know of a small group who have performed this? How did they manage it?


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